(154 meters) above sea level


Map of Ucayali


A journey into Amazonian culture

The first people to live in this area, which extends along the length of the Ucayali river and its tributaries, were the Pano, in approximately 2,000 BC. Many indigenous communities live in the Amazon and do not renounce their ethnic customs and traditions, but instead share their invaluable culture with the world. With scenery bathed in powerful rivers, where the waterfalls are enormous veils that cover the mountain and transform into calm lakes, the diversity of flora and fauna in Ucayali continues to astonish scientists.

  • Location: Peru’s central jungle (the Amazon) hosting three natural levels: low jungle, high jungle and jungle fringe.
  • Size: 102,411 km2.

Routes & length of stay

3 Days

length of stay)

  • 1/2 Day:  City centre, and surrounding areas, Yarinacocha Lake, San Francisco Native Community and Cashibo-Cocha Lagoon. 
  •  1 Day:  Aguaytía, Boquerón del Padre Abad, El Velo de la Novia (The Bride’s Veil),  La Ducha del Diablo (The Devil’s Shower), Santa Rosa de Dinamarca Native Community 
  • 2 Days: Macaws and parrots Collpa, Tigre de Piedra (Stone Tiger) or Toro Echado (Lying Bull),Canuja Ravine.
  • 3 Days:  Alto Purús Reserve – Alto Purús National Park.

What to buy?

There are works in wood (carved), jewelry (seeds and mostacilla), embroidered fabrics and painted with natural dyes (huito and clays), ornaments with bird feathers and scales of pirarucu and hats.There are also other items made from cane stalks and buds tamishi (tissues), or huingo tutumo burilados of clay and ceramics.Highlights the work of the Shipibo-Conibo, which are characterized by geometric lines. 

What to eat?

In our multicultural country is highlighted each region with its own light, yet our Amazon presents a variety of scenery, tastes and customs. This is what this research shows is a compilation of highlights from the beautiful region of Ucayali. Where more hasten mention its geographical location, attractions, festival calendar, which is well known the feast of St. John, which various people of Peru travels to see a nice show.Do not forget the very tasty cuisine, in which we can realize that it is full of so many customs.

Typical dishes ucayali

  • Patarashca: fish wrapped in banana leaves and grilled over charcoal.

  • Inchicapi: chicken soup with peanuts, cilantro and yucca.

  • Juane: rice with chicken wrapped in banana leaves and cooked.

Ucayali Attractions in the City
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Ucayali Attractions Beyond the City
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Ucayali Festivals
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