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Peru is one of 10 mega-diverse countries of the world, with hundreds of endemic species of flora and fauna; a paradise for bird watching and orchid spotting, or the exploration of remote and mythical natural landscapes, some still pristine virgin lands teeming with life.

Unique Experience

A single trip is not enough to discover all the wonders of Peru. Here we highlight just a few magical places, such as the Manu National Park and Lake Titicaca, which are filled with experiences that must be lived and appreciated when you visit this country.

Manu National Park

The park hosts one of the greatest concentrations of life on the planet, with record numbers of birds (over 800 species), mammals (200 species) and plants, including orchids and giant trees.

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Lake Titicaca

A shelter for birds, lamini, and other species, with truly captivating and breathtaking landscapes.

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Colca Canyon

One of the deepest canyons on earth, with a depth of over 3,400 meters (11,155 feet) at its lowest point, from where the spectacular flight of the Andean condor can be witnessed.
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Llanganuco Lagoon

Of glacier origin, the lagoon stretches along the valley formed by the Huandoy and Huascarán mountains of the Cordillera Blanca (White Mountain Range).
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Destinations and activities


Protected Natural Areas

Gifted with exceptional beauty, Peruvian parks, such as the Huscarán National Park, declared a World Heritage Site, host an immense variety of flora and fauna, glaciers, extraordinary lagoons and some of the highest snow-capped mountains in the world which attract mountain climbers from all corners of the globe.

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Wildlife Observation

Peru is a privileged country that welcomes a diversity of animal and plant species which man has managed to live in harmony for thousands of years. A paradise for observation.

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Lakes, Lagoons, Waterfalls and Rivers

Water, an essential element for life, forms lagoons, lakes, rivers and waterfalls in its descent from the snowy peaks of the Andean mountains.

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Valleys and Canyons

Like veins running through the human body, the rivers born in the Andean mountain range cross the western slopes towards the coast and the eastern slopes towards the jungle, with waters that flow into the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, including the gigantic Amazon, which is born in Peru and ends in Brazil.

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