San Martin

(350 meters) above sea level


Map of San Martin


Waterfalls beyond imagination

How to get there San Martin

It has waterfalls, orchids and butterflies, and is characterized by florid landscapes and a tropical environment. The Río Abiseo (declared a UNESCO world cultural and natural heritage site) and Cordillera Azul National Parks are sanctuaries for endangered species. Its lakes, like Lake Lindo and Lake Azul, have crystal-clear water, and there are towns and cities surrounded by vegetation, such as Lamas, Rioja, Moyobamba and Tarapoto.

Its archaeological sites are not well known, for example the citadel of Gran Pajatén.

  • Location: North-east jungle of Peru, with varied geography including fertile valleys, hilly terrains, Andean plains and a small, low jungle area.
  • Size: 51,253 km2 (19,789 sq.miles).

Routes & length of stay

3 Days

length of stay)

  • 1/2 day: Cultural – Lamas (El Huayco quarter).
  • 1 day: Waterfalls – Ahuashiyacu and Carpishoyacu falls.
  • 2 days: Scenic – Paucar Yacu hot springs, Lake Azul and Lake Lindo.
  • 2 days: Nature – Moyabamba orchids and Tingada-Avisado Forest.

Recommended for San martin


  • Archeology and popular tradition lovers, who will be thrilled by the visit to the Polish Petroglyphs, the town of Lamas and just by walking through the streets of Tarapoto.
  • Nature lovers and plant and animal watchers, who must hike around the areas of Laguna Azul and Lago Lindo as well as the Tingada-Avisado Forest.
  • Trekkers, who will be challenged by the thunderous waterfalls of Aguashiyacu and Tunun Tunumba, the Tingada – Avisado Forest and the Morrode Calzada.
  • Rafters and kayakers, who can bask in the natural surroundings of Laguna Azul and Lago Lindo.

What to buy?


If you want to purchase high quality straw hats and baskets, then go to the village of Rioja, whose artisans are experts weavers. There is also the fine pottery and unique wood carvings in the towns of Chazuta and Lamas, and in the latter, you can also pick up lovely clothing.

What to eat?


When it is about food in the department of San Martin, then it is about the typical jungle cuisine of Peru. Dishes like tacacho con cecina (mashed bananas, mixed with lard and dried beef, then baked) and ninajuane (mashed bananas, mixed with chicken, eggs and spices, then baked in banana leaves) are wonderful examples, not to mention the excellent tasting Burgundy wines made in the district of San Antonio de Cumbaza (the only San Martin village with vineyards) and another spirit called uvachado, San Martin’s liqueur of choice, made from wild grapes macerated in brandy.

Typical dishes San Martin

  • Juanes: It is the most renowned dish in the Peruvian jungle, which is very popular on the feast of San Juan. With the passing of time is eaten at any time. The classic juane is usually made from rice with spices, chicken or beef, olives, hard boiled egg or; everything should be wrapped in a sheet bijao (softens in advance in water) and must be put to cook for half an hour. There are many ways juane; some ingredients are changed instead of rice used chonta, cassava and other products. One of the most popular variations is the ninajuane, prepared from beaten eggs with chicken meat and wrapped in banana leaf.
  • Tacacho with cured meat or sausage : It is a typical dish of the department of San Martin and Madre de Dios. Tacacho with cured meat or sausage, a dough-based fried crushed banana mixed with lard and served with chorizo and cecina (dried pork or pork) is prepared. It not recommended for people intolerant to cholesterol. You can accompany it with chicha, chicha and Masato.
  • Patarashca: The Patarashca is one of the dishes that are descended from the ancient inhabitants of the jungle. The dish is a fish wrapped in banana leaf or plant bijao ; Carries spices , onions , cilantro Sacha , green peppers , crushed garlic and other species ( according to taste) . Prepares baked , grilled or broiled . : Also Serve with boiled cassava or with roasted bananas .
San Martin Attractions in the City
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San Martin Attractions Beyond the City
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San Martin Festivals
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