Peru of Living Cultures


Color and Tradition

Many of the festivals, rituals, and actual ways of life remain from pre-Columbian time. From traditional clothing to popular folk art expressions, and belief systems to ways of working and even cooking, Peru is full of customs that maintain the legacy of its ancient cultures.

Unique Experiences

A single trip is not enough to discover all the wonders of Peru. Here we highlight just a few magical places and experiences that must be lived and appreciated when you visit this country.

“Danza de Tijeras” (Scissors dance)


A colorful and risky sequence of jumps and dancing to the rhythm of a pair of scissors. Originally from Ayacucho it has been recognised by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

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Payments offered to the Earth


This is an Andean ritual that pays homage both to the Pachamama (Mother Earth) and the Apus, mountain spirits.

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Caballitos de totora (Reed crafts)


Reed water-crafts dating back to the Mochica culture, they are still used by local fishermen as a work tool or for riding waves on north coast beaches.

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Weavers of Taquile island


Lake Titicaca still upholds this tradition that is done equally by men, women and children, and who produce some of the country’s finest textiles.

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Destinations and activities’ map

Destinations and activities


Pasco: Villa Rica, Oxapampa and Pozuzo

In the 19th century, German and Austrian immigrants settled in the picturesque village of Oxapampa, bringing with them their own country’s architecture and traditions.

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Cusco: Valle Sagrado Communities and Raqchi

The Sacred Valley of the Incas was inhabited by communities that produced large quantities of Andean crops, through a system of Inca terracing and advanced hydraulic technology.

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Puno: Titicaca Islands (Taquile, Amantaní, Suasi and Anapia)

Lake Titicaca provides resources for the communities that live around its crystal blue waters, maintaining ancestral traditions and customs.

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Offerings to the Earth

Pachamama or Mother Earth, the fertility goddess, lives in the Urkhupacha or inner world. She offers her fruits to provide food for man. In keeping with the Andean logic of reciprocity, in the month of August communities offer a series of tributes to Pachamama.

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Granja Porcón

The evangelical community that manages the Atahualpa Jerusalem cooperative or Granja Porcón, a cattle farm established in 1535, gives visitors the chance to share in the communal work as if they were just another one of the farm workers.

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Having inherited both native and European cultures, Peru boasts a wide variety of festivals and traditions that make up its cultural heritage. A never-ending series of festivals and events throughout the year bring bright colours and flavours to everyday life. From vibrant dances to profound religious acts of devotion, these celebrations fill Peruvian life with passion and happiness.

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