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Peru’s varied geography offers adventure for those who travel off the beaten tourist track: huge coastal deserts full of natural obstacles, spectacular sand and dune formations, hundreds of kilometres of beaches; in the mountains, magical valleys and lagoons, and peaks that stand over 5,000 metres above sea level where even changing a tyre is a challenge; or muddy Amazonian plains, where travelling 500 metres could take an entire day. Tourists will also appreciate the hospitality and kindness of the interior’s inhabitants, who happily welcome tourists who choose to travel Peru by land.


Off Road  Volcanic Range Arequipa,

The volcanic range is located within the region of Arequipa. This Cordillera, has an ideal for adventure sports such as 4×4 off road trail.

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Off Road  Around the Paraiso Lima.

Return to Paradise is a route Off Road 4×4, comprising different scenarios of northern Lima. “The Return to Paradise” is a path that begins in the Lachay, a beautiful coastal scenery, and who follows the path of Rio Seco, to reach the beaches of Huacho.

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Off Road  Sierra Norte in Ancash.

One of the shorter routes, but no less interesting to practice the 4×4 off road in Peru, is the path that leaves from Lima and goes to the north of Peru, including the territories of Caraz, Huaraz and Huallanca.

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Off Road  Trapeze Andean Ayacucho.

The areas of the so-called Andean Trapezoid, are followed, at different times, by supporters of the 4×4 off road, thanks to its impressive trails, challenging the wheels and powerful engines of their vehicles.

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Off Road in Lomas of Lima Chilca.

An interesting route for 4×4 off road practice, a few kilometers from Lima are the Lomas de Chilca, in the district of the same name, in the province of Cañete.

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Off Road  in Ica Nazca.

Nazca, Ica in the district, providing its breathtaking scenery of dunes, to practice an interesting adventure sport: The Off Road 4×4. In the dunes of Nasca, a competition is held annually known as the “Big Dune Megaventura” event, which takes advantage of Ica desert scenery, stunning skills to 4×4.

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Off Road  Pachacamac Lima.

A place south of Lima, ideal for those who like adventure sports, such as 4×4 off road, is Pachacamac, comprising a stage of valleys and country lanes that are appealing to the powerful engines of SUV.

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