Mountain Biking

Cycling along ancient routes


Ancient Inca and pre-Inca roads, archaeological sites, picturesque towns and passages, and the opportunity to pass through several ecological areas in just a few hours are the attractions of riding a bike around Peru. There are places like Olleros (to the south of Lima) where there is a descent of 3,600 metres in just 70 kilometres of road.

The activity known all around the world as mountain biking is the fastest growing adventure sport in the country. Thousands of mountain biking fans use lightweight bikes to cycle through ravines and along trails throughout the country.

Almost every corner of Peru, with the exception of the coastal desert and the Amazonian plains, is suitable for mountain biking. Biking trails can be grouped into three main categories, defined by their difficulty and logistical requirements:

(A) considered suitable for beginners, these trails include gentle slopes and compact, hard earth.

(B) for cyclists with a certain level of experience, these trails include moderate slopes and contain a degree of risk for those that travel them.

(C) for experts only, characterised by steep slopes and soft soil (these roads are highly risky and will often reach high altitudes).


Amazon: Kuélap and Gocta

In this region you can enjoy cycling through green mountains and incredible scenery, like the Uctubamba valley, the Gocta waterfall, one of the tallest in the world, and the pre-Incan fortress of Kuélap.

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Áncash: Cordillera Blanca (White Range) and Conchucos

One of the most attractive roads in Peru, the Callejón de Huaylas conceals numerous cycling trails of great beauty and difficulty among its cliffs and mountains.

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Metropolitan Lima: San Isidro, Miraflores and Barranco

Tours have been organised so that tourists can enjoy mountain biking rides through Metropolitan Lima. Groups generally leave early to visit the Miraflores and San Isidro archaeological areas, to later savour the Miraflores seafront and continue towards Barranco.

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Lima Provinces: Lurín, Mala, and Lunahuaná

Mountain bikers have found in the coastal valleys a natural setting for their pursuit and can enjoy the countryside, rivers, woods, paths and slopes of the arid hills in this area.

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Ica: Paracas

Within the Paracas National Reserve there is a route through which cyclists can enjoy the warm climate, the desert landscape and above all the marine ecosystem, and can see sea lions and birds, including the condor and sea fowl.

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Arequipa: Colca Valley

The vastness of Colca exceeds the canyon’s depth (4,160 metres). The broad and verdant valley, where the condor lives and reigns, is ringed by high mountains.

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Cusco: Cusco and the Sacred Valley

In Cusco, the various agencies specialising in adventure tourism have diverse trails which lead from the City to nearby archaeological sites.

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The high Andean plateau offers a wide choice of incredibly beautiful routes, with farm fields and intense, sky-blue water. If you cycle along Lake Titicaca, you can see the islands and fisherman on their reed rafts.

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Mountain Biking in Asia Lima

Cycling routes in Asia, are usually in the valley of this district, comprising higher ground and are characterized by quite sandy. Cycling in Asia often relies on the coastal hills that are part of this jurisdiction.

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Mountain Biking in the Urubamba Valley Cusco

In the Valley of Urubamba, Cusco, held annually, since 2009, an event known as “Blessed Downhill”, a competition which, as its name implies, calls for experienced cyclists downhill mode, to participate walking trails and historic this fertile valley.

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Mountain Biking in the Mantaro Valley Junin

One of the best places for mountain biking is the beautiful Mantaro Valley in Junín. The land of this valley is so good for the sport, which even have come to develop important skills in place as the Vuelta Cycling International, besides the Regional and International Downhill Downhill.

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Mountain Biking in Huaraz Ancash

The best season for cycling in Huaraz, is between the months of April to November. Biking trails Huaraz ranging from level A to C. In this city is held annually, plus the Festival of Cycling.

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Mountain Biking in the Plaza Huamanmarca Junin

In the Plaza Huamanmarca in Huancayo, it is carried out, since 2011, the “International Cycling Tour Wanka Pride”. The circuit allows to know the beautiful Mantaro Valley, part of the path of travel; another area that presents the circuit is the northern part of the province of Tayacaja.

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Mountain Biking in Pachacamac Lima

Pachacamac is one of the places in Lima, which go if you want to enjoy a great time biking. Here there is a large number of cycle routes of various difficulties, the route difficulty, or more simply, is “the farm”; Difficulty B, Cieneguilla, El Manzano, El Cardal, and Lomas; Difficulty and C, The Lúcumo and The Chirimoyo.

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Mountain Biking Portachuelo Llanganuco in Ancash

In Ancash, there are many places for cycling, one of those is Portachuelo of Llanganuco; This cycle route is not only one of the most frequented by athletes related to this discipline, but also one of the most beautiful.

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Mountain Biking in Maras Cusco

Every year takes place in Maras downhill competition that begins in the Holy Hill. The top of the road has been designed for that race and has some double jumps and a good area of banked curves and counter, then grab the ancient Inca trail in a swift and full line of hops to reach its majestic colonial church.

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Mountain Biking in Santa Maria Lima

At the site there have been important cycling competitions, such as Cycling Extreme Competition, which in 2013 celebrates its fifth from eighth to date; This event includes the following categories: Children; cadets; Open BMX, hoop 20 “; Open Cruiser 24” and 26 “and Open Women, rim 20”.

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Totoritas Mountain Biking in Lima

Every year takes place in Maras downhill competition that begins in the Holy Hill. The top of the road has been designed for that race and has some double jumps and a good area of banked curves and counter, then grab the ancient Inca trail in a swift and full line of hops to reach its majestic colonial church.

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