La Libertad

(34 meters) above sea level


Map of La Libertad


Pyramids and Colonial Ambience

Temples, pyramids and cities of mud that survive inclement weather: Chan Chan, Huaca del Sol y la Luna, el Brujo are some of the most remarkable destinations in the province of La Libertad.

It offers exquisite colonial architecture in the beautiful mansions that line its streets, living culture with deeply-rooted customs like fishing on Caballitos de Tortora (the traditional reed rafts of the northern coast), and renowned beaches that attract surfers from around the world.

It is the birthplace of the seductive “marinera”, the national dance of Peru. La Libertad, the very picture of ancient nobility.

  • Location: North coast of Peru, beaches, fertile valleys, mountains and jungle.
  • Size: 25,962 Km2 (10,024 sq. miles).

Routes & length of stay

3 Days

length of stay)

  • 1/2 day: Temples of the Sun and of the Moon: District of Moche, 5 miles south of the city.
  • 1 day: Sightseeing in Trujillo: Main Square, the Cathedral, principalmansions and churches. Museum visits.
  • 1 day: Archeological circuit and Huanchaco beach resort: Citadel of Chan Chan, La Esmeralda and Arco Iris temples.
  • 1 day: Ascope Province: El Brujo archeological complex, Puerto Chicama (Malabrigo): port and beach resort.
  • 2 days: Pacasmayo Province: Pacasmayo beach resort, Cañoncillo Forest, village of San Pedro de Lloc.

Recommended for La Libertad


  • Archeology aficionados, who will be extremely pleased with the grand historical landmarks of Chan Chan and the Temple of the Sun and with the colorful friezes of the Temple of the Moon and El Brujo.
  • Nature lovers, who can enter the Cañoncillo Forest and visit its three lagoons.
  • Bird watchers, who should go to the village of Sinsicap, 2 hours from Trujillo, to see endemic species and a variety of lovely hummingbirds.
  • Surfers, who have great beaches to surf in Huanchaco and Chicama (Malabrigo).

What to buy?


Artisans in Trujillo still carry on age old traditions, like wood carving, silver filigree, straw weaving and leather embossing. In the towns of Otuzco, Huamachuco and Pataz, you will discover very attractive wool ponchos and shawls.

What to eat?


The generous ocean provides the cuisine of Trujillo its main ingredients; the best fish and shellfish are combined with produce of the valleys to prepare delicious dishes like causa de lapa and causa de raya (mashed potatoes stuffed with limpets or ray, respectively), cebiches, jaleas (a mixture of fried fish and seafood, seasoned with onions and tomatoes) and any number of soups with a fish base. Honorable mention goes out to pepián de choclo (a flavorful corn mush) and sopa teóloga (type of spicy chicken soup), an expression of mixed Spanish and native cooking. And for dessert, try any of the tempting quince fruit treats and humitas (sweet corn roll). There are also restaurants offering a wide variety of international food.

Typical dishes La Libertad

  • Shámbar: Is one of the most representative meals of Trujillo, capital of the region of La Libertad. It is a hearty soup of wheat produced from legumes and has Andean origin. The preparation takes chickpeas, peas, green beans, morón wheat, pork skin, smoked ham, red pepper sauce, garlic, onion, cilantro and chicken. The dish is accompanied by toasted “court” corn and restaurants is traditionally served on Mondays.
  • Dry of cabrito to the northern: The dry goat is the classic dish of the Moche region. It is a stew of tender goat marinated in chicha and vinegar. Usually they include beans seasoned with onion and boiled yucca. The black beans are to be prepared with sesame and chili mirasol.
  • Sweaty Northern fish: It is a delicious dish, which is prepared with lovely fish, onions, tomatoes, cilantro, green peppers and other ingredients more. It is served with rice and boiled cassava. It is a dietary and nutritious dish. It served with chicha or chicha in the north.
  • Ceviche of black shell: Ceviche is nutritious, delicious and typical of the northern departments. Served in various ways depending on the region is Tumbes, Lambayeque, La Libertad and Piura. It is considered an aphrodisiac dish. It is prepared with black scallops, lemon, chopped red onions, hot peppers and more. In presenting corn, sweet potatoes and corn serrano (court) it is included. It may be accompanied with a cold beer, chicha or chicha. They are currently endangered, so many restaurants in Lima are not serving this dish.
La Libertad Attractions in the City
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La Libertad Attractions Beyond the City
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La Libertad Festivals
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