Kitesurfing and Windsurfing

The power of the wind


Wind is the main fuel for these two adventure sports in which man faces the sea at great speeds. In kitesurfing, the equipment consists of a board or a ski on which the surfer stands. The surfer holds the cords of a large kite and adjusts the tension to determine the speed of the board, based on the wind on the beach. In windsurfing, the board is attached to a large sail that faces the wind to create the required speed to slide over the sea.

The best winds for both of these intense sports can be found in the Paracas Bay area (Ica) and in Máncora (Piura), two important tourist destinations with a developed hotel infrastructure and services, as well as an offer of equipment hire and instructors to provide the required training.

From April to November, the Máncora beaches, with winds of up to 30 knots or more, become real vertigo-inducing racetracks.

Tres Cruces and Lobitos have a strong and steady wind, while El Golf has beach break style waves.

La Laguna, 2 km north of the surf point in Mancora, right next to the sea, is ideal for practising jumps. The landscape is beautiful and the sunset unforgettable.

In Paracas Bay, south of Lima, the winds are reliable (up to 10 knots), the sea is relatively shallow and the climate pleasant (sunny all year round). With lateral winds moving towards the shore, return to one’s point of departure is guaranteed. With good on-shore winds, you are sure to return to your point of departure while the U-shaped formation of the bay guarantees that, regardless of any mishap that may befall you, you will always be close to the coast.


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