Peruvians are increasingly proud of the historical and cultural wealth, both past and present. After turning its back on its Andean origins for centuries, modern Peru now fully recognizes the value of the Andes and the Amazon for all that they represent in terms of resources and ancient traditions.

Peru’s civilization is the oldest in South America. Neighboring countries have been created from ancient Peruvian territory and empire. Peru was the political and productive center of the region with a privileged and special geographical location.

Modern Peru boasts entrepreneurs who have rediscovered their capacity to create new wealth, businesses and services. The country has overcome difficult political and economic crises. Although Peru is still undergoing the consolidation of its institutions, the country has now seen over two decades of democracy.

Peruvians are a welcoming people who take pride in offering incredible services and experiences to visitors that include traditional foods, celebrations and festivals. Peruvians are passionate about soccer, the national sport and a good excuse for family and friends to come together.

Peruvians are very religious. The Catholic faith has an important place in peoples lives, coexisting peacefully with other creeds.


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