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Valley of Mysteries and Good Pisco

Ica boasts characteristic dunes and a vast desert etched with enigmatic figures, the Nazca Lines, transformed into fertile fields by ancient cultures: The Paracas and the Nazca. Land of valleys, sun, beaches and a Natural Reserve inhabited by a lush variety of flora and fauna, it is also a mysterious land of villages, home of fine wine and “pisco”, Afro-Peruvian music, and an oasis like the Huacachina, a patch of life in the heart of a blanket of sand.

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Living culture, adventure and nature:

Those with an interest in archaeology, lovers of boating, aquatic and extreme sports, wildlife watchers, lovers of grapes and grape traditions.

Ica: more than one reason to enjoy it.

Location: Central coast of Peru.

Size: 21,305 km2 (8,226 sq.miles).

Routes & length of stay

4 Days

minimum recommended
length of stay

  • 1 day: Paracas National Reserve, Ballestas Islands.
  • 1 day: Wineries (for both wines and pisco brandies), Huacachina Oasis.
  • 1 day: Cantalloc, Antonini Museum, Cahuachi, and the Nasca Lines flyover.
  • 1 day: Afro-Peruvian traditions: Chincha and village of El Carmen.


Recommended for

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People interested in archeology: who cannot miss out on the Nasca Lines and the Temple of Cahuachi.

Wine and wine tradition connoisseurs: who must visit the many wineries near the city of Ica to taste the incomparable Peruvian pisco brandies and superb quality wines.

Wildlife watchers: who will heartily enjoy the trip to the Paracas National Reserve and to San Fernando.

Extreme sports aficionados: who will get their adrenaline rush sandboarding (at Cerro Blanco) and driving dune buggies at Huacachina (Ica).

Boat and water sports lovers: who can enjoy windsurfing and water skiing in Paracas.

What to eat?

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The cuisine of Ica is highly influenced by the African heritage as seen in savory dishes like carapulcra (chicken, pork and freeze dried potatoes in a peanut sauce) and the sopa seca (a dry vermicelli soup with onions, garlic and pork fat). Also included on the list is one of the most favorite dishes to grace the tables of Ica, picante de pallares, a thick concoction of hearty butter beans seasoned with chili peppers, milk, cheese and eggs. Among its many delicious desserts, you will find the tasty tejas, a treat with a center of dried limes, figs or pecans, filled with milk jam
and covered with caramelized sugar. As for quality restaurants, there are very fine establishments in Chincha, Paracas, Ica, Palpa and Nasca.

Typical dishes Ica

  • Carapulcra: Carapulcra is one of the classic Peruvian dishes. It is an Andean dish of dried potato casserole style. Also it has pork, chicken, panca and mirasol chili, garlic and ground peanuts. It is usually served with dry soup. It can be served with a wine or a cold chicha.
  • dry soup: It is a typical food of the province of Chincha. This dish is made from noodles and chicken into pieces. seasoned with achiote, parsley, basil and various species. The preparation takes red pepper, garlic, onion, parsley, basil, carrots, olives. You can also add wine in preparation. Usually accompanies the carapulcra.
  • Morusa and spicy pallares : Morusa tasty is prepared with mashed potatoes or cassava with roast beef or pork. Almost always accompanied by a delicious stew, spicy butter beans; which carries milk, eggs and cheese. In Ica, lima beans are an essential part of the food Ica also long grain lima beans; which they are cooked in a dressing with crushed yellow pepper and served with white rice or creole sauce. In addition there are combinations based on chickpeas and lima beans.
Ica Attractions in the City
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Ica Attractions Beyond the City
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Ica Festivals
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