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Map of Huanuco


Gateway to the Amazon

Huánuco was a colonial center where temples, haciendas and mansions were built in an area that, for centuries, had been populated by the Lauricocha and other cultures, who left traces of their presence in the Kotosh “Templo de la Manos Cruzadas “ (Temple of the Crossed Hands). This beautiful area has forests full of sought-after fruits like coffee and cocoa, along with a variety of protected flora and fauna in the Tingo María national park. High mountains, hot springs, caves, lagoons, and a remarkable rock formation called Sleeping Beauty, make Huánuco the soul of the Andes, dressed in jungle.

  • Location: Highlands and central jungle of Peru, the Andean region is marked by the presence of the Huayhuash Range, Raura, and the jungle stretching across the eastern flank of the Andes.
  • Size: 37,722 Km2 (61 sq. miles).
  • Routes & length of stay.


2 Days

length of stay)


  •  1/2 DAY: Kotosh or the Temple of the Crossed Hands, Jatun Ushco  and Andabamba Estate.
  • 1 DAY: Garu Archaeological Complex, Lacshahuarina and Tingo María National Park.
  • 2 DAY: Baños Hot Springs and Lake Lauricocha. 


What to buy?

Among Huanuco craft lines we are: ceramics, textiles, woodwork, vegetable fibers (especially sisal), seeds, bordaduría, bamboo and pyrography.

  • Wood products and roots: Human figures, animals, religious are made in local wood, bamboo and bumps.
  • Decorative paintings: Prints and cards made with bird feathers and paintings of butterflies and insects.
  • Textiles: Ponchos , blankets , skirts , blankets , hats, Chuyos , sheep wool are made.

What to eat?

It has three characteristics that unlike those prepared in other Andean departments. For example: as a dressing for meat a special herb of the region called “chincho” the preferential use of very tender pork, before the ram, and the use of larger amounts of tubers and sweet tamales used to accompany the dis.The cooking process takes place in an underground oven, which is made of large river stones, previously heated, where food is placed. Oven with banana leaves and earth is covered, after a lapse of 45 minutes to an hour cooked Pachamanca is discovered.

Typical dishes Huánuco.

  • Picante de cuy: Dish served with rice and a guinea pig potatoes per person. To prepare the guinea pigs are golden in hot oil apart an onion sauce and ground peanuts garlic red chili panca, the same as in separate pot is sewn with golden guinea pigs is formed.
  • Pachamanca : Various meats, potatoes and tender corn cooked pre-Hispanic style, underground, between hot stones and all seasoned with herbs.
  • Juanes: Rice stick with chunks of chicken wrapped in banana leaves.
Huanuco Attractions in the City
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Huanuco Attractions Beyond the City
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Huanuco Festivals
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