Hang-gliding and paragliding

Peru seen from the sky


Flight has always been a dream of man. Paragliding and hang-gliding enabled the fulfilment of this old desire. Soaring through Peruvian skies and seeing the sea, mountains and valleys is a truly gratifying experience. It is also a different way to appreciate Peru’s immense geography.

Paragliding in Peru offers a series of settings with beautiful landscapes in Lima and the country. There are companies that specialize in giving visitors the experience of travelling through the skies, with instructors registered with the Peruvian Free Flight Association (Asociación Peruana de Vuelo Libre).

Hang-gliding really took off around the world in the 1970s, when it became a universal pursuit. There are hundreds of fans of the sport in Peru, and, although it has lost ground to paragliding, it is a daring way of combining tourism and sports. The gliders currently used are 5 metres long when folded and 10 metres long when extended, weighing approximately 35 kilos. They are immensely strong, and advances in aerodynamic technology have made the gliders stable and manoeuvrable, with broad safety margins.


Callejón de Huaylas

The Callejón de Huaylas, and the cities of Huaraz and Carhauz in particular, contains various areas in from which to start a hang-gliding and paragliding flight, but the most well-known spot is the Yungay Pan de Azucar (Sugar Loaf) mountain.

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The slopes of Pasamayo reach an altitude of 400 m.a.s.l., which can be seen immediately after taking off.

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Costa Verde

The series of beaches known as the Costa Verde and the modern district of Miraflores can be enjoyed from the air. Flights usually start in Raimondi Park, located on the jetty.

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Pachacámac district is located to the south of Lima, where paragliding can be enjoyed in the valley.

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Chincha valley is one of the new areas in which paragliding can be enjoyed. With a stroke of luck and favourable winds, the journey can also take participants to the Cañete valley.

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Urubamba Valley

Urubamba Valley, the Sacred Valley of the Incas, possesses a range of options in terms of adrenaline-charged tourism.

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Cucuya – Lurin.

In the district of Lurin, located 40 minutes from the city of Lima, are our “Field School” called Cucuya, sand dunes 30 meters high, which we used for the first classes of the course paragliding.

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Paragliding in Hill Junín Chupuro.

n interesting point to visit, if you are adept at paragliding, is the Hill Chupuro, which is located in the province of Huancayo, Junin.

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Hill San José Apurimac.

The Hill San José is located in the province of Andahuaylas in Apurimac region. This hill is a favorite points in the region for paragliding.

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Paragliding in Arequipa City.

An urban setting, for paragliding in Peru, is the city of Arequipa in the province and region of the same name. Paragliding in the territory of Arequipa, it is recommended especially to those with experience in the discipline and strength because although the technical difficulty of flying in this area is not very high

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Paragliding in Lima Lunahuana.

One of the most beautiful places you can find for paragliding near Lima, is the district of Lunahuana and fertile valley. Lunahuaná is located in Canete, and its beautiful valley, has maximum height of 227 meters, point from which the flight begins.

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Paragliding in Paracas Ica.

In the region of Ica, there are many places for paragliding, Paracas is one of those, especially in the area comprising the reserve. The flights in the Reserve, through authorized companies can be started from 9 in the morning, at any time of year.

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Paragliding in Apurimac Sondor.

An interesting place for paragliding in the province of Andahuaylas in Apurimac, is the archaeological complex of Sondor, which can be flown pleasantly, for those interested in the practice of this discipline.

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