The wealth of its lands and cultural diversity endow Peru with an exquisite and tremendously varied gastronomy. Each city boasts its own regional dish with unique flavours. Thousands of countryside products and tens of living cultures, which have shared a single territory for centuries, create an offer that is practically infinite. All that is left is for your taste buds to choose.


North Coast Cuisine

The northern regions have a warm climate and its sea holds a generous reserve of fish and seafood. Highlights of its cuisine include “ceviches” and “sudados”, which combine catches from the sea with tangy, spicy and aromatic herbs, creating fresh and intense flavours. See More

Cuisine from the Amazon

Western Peru’s gastronomy is truly exotic. The bio-diversity of its resources appear to be almost infinite. “Chonta” or palm hearts, which are obtained from palm trees and used to make salads, are a basic element in Amazonian cuisine. Many different meats are eaten in the region including: beef, poultry, fish, sheep and other mountain animals, including the “paca”, renowned in the area for its tasty flavour and lean meat. See More

Lima’s Cuisine

Lima has a wide variety of typical dishes, available in establishments as diverse as 5 star hotels, traditional restaurants, ceviche bars, specialist chicken restaurants, markets, “huariques” (family-run establishments) and “chifas” (Chinese restaurants). See More

Arequipa’s Cuisine

The “picanterías” or traditional restaurants of the “Ciudad Blanca” (White City) are a regional ancestral tradition, linking the rural with the gastronomic. These are traditional restaurants which still cook over a wood fire, a source of natural heat that intensifies the aroma of the food’s spices. See More

Andean Cuisine

The Peruvian mountains are rich in products containing high nutritional value. Ancient Peruvians knew how best to combine these, creating wonderful flavours while still conserving their natural properties. Wood-fired ovens and clay cooking pots are part of the Inca wisdom in terms of preserving the food’s nutrients, done through slow cooking and producing deep aromas. See More

New Andean Cuisine

Metropolitan Lima and in the main cities of the interior, such as Cusco, Arequipa, Iquitos, Huaraz, Puno, Huancayo, Cajamarca etc. In recent decades, Peruvian chefs have returned to the ingredients used by their ancestors, prior to Spanish influences, and successfully incorporated them into international gastronomy. A new culinary style emerged, which revisited pre-Hispanic Peruvian cooking ideas and combined them with international food trends. The result is a gentle harmony of flavors, minimum seasoning and light, low fat cooking. See More

Peruvian Drinks

Peru produces an enviable quantity and variety of fruits, and with the help of innovative experts many exotic combinations have been produced that its hard to know where to start. See More



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