(5 meters) above sea level


Map of Callao


Port, Sea, and Islands

This is the vital route for trade both into and out of Peru. It has mansions with pretty balconies, museums, churches and the fortress of King Felipe, which survived wars and pirate attacks. As well as tradition, in Callao you can enjoy nature on the islands of Palomino and San Lorenzo, in the Humedales de Ventanilla (wetlands) or on the pebble beaches.

It is just a couple of minutes away from Lima.

  • Location: Central west coast of Peru. 12 km (7 miles) from downtown Lima.
  • Size: 158 Km2 (61 sq. miles).

Routes & length of stay

1 Day

length of stay)

  • 1 Day: Historic centre (museums and mansions), Felipe Royal Fortress, La Punta district beach resort, El Paraíso Archaeological Complex, Palomino, Cavinzas, San Lorenzo and Frontón Islands,Humedales de Ventanilla (Wetlands) 

What to eat?

The port of Callao is very abundant fish and given so much to him and fished throughout the coast, which come every evening many fishing boats and Spaniards, Indians and blacks as full of differences gifted fish such as mackerel, anchovies, which are sardines, bream, bream, sunfish and other species of fish regaladísimos. As in all populations of the coast, fish and seafood are essential elements of popular power. Between meals who achieved citizenship card in Callao include ceviche, the litter, the chupín, chalaca the mussels to the crackling of squid tartar sauce and sea bass chalaca.A dish is coveted muchame, in whose preparation dolphin drying brine is used. Chinese influence in our kitchen is also present: next to appreciate a ‘Chaufa Seafood.

Typical dishes callao


La Parihuela: It is a concentrated fish broth , prepared with machete, corvina or cojinova with calamres , crabs , mixed with Chinese onion , tomato , garlic , mint , onion, ginger , oregan

Choritos A La Chalaca: It has a simple preparation : about choro pussy with onion , tomato , cilantro , lemon juice , salt and corn mixed.

Callao Attractions in the City
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Callao Attractions Beyond the City
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Callao Festivals
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