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Amazonas destinations are famous for its cloud forests and exceptional microclimate, orchid habitat, Andean bears and cocks-of-the-rocks, the Amazon Province offers the perfect combination of adventure, culture, and archaeology. Archaeological sites with the enigma of Kuélap, the citadel built between the Andes and the jungle, as well as mysterious tombs and sarcophagi, the legacy of the Chachapoyas culture that once reigned here, are unique features of the Amazonas in Peru.

Mansions and colonial balconies, hot springs, scenic lakes, and gigantic waterfalls like Gocta and Yumbilla create a destination with endless possibilities.

Location: Highlands, jungle outskirts, and Amazon rainforest in northern Peru.

Routes & length of stay

4 Days

length of stay)

  • 1/2 day: City tour, Bishop’s house, Independence Square, the Montante House, town of Huancas.
  • 1 day: Fortress of Kuélap, Huiquilla Private Conservation Area.
  • 1 day: Leimebamba (Mallqui Central Museum) and Revash Mausoleums.
  • 1 day: Karajía, Quiocta Cave.
  • 1/2 day: Jalca Grande and Ollape. 1 days: Gocta Falls.
  • 3 days: Lake of the Condors.

Recommended for Amazonas


  • People interested in exceptional but little known /archeological sites, who will be thrilled by Kuélap, Karajía, and the Lake of the Condors.
  • Popular traditions and culture enthusiasts, who can find these expressions at Huancas, Colcamar and Jalca Grande.
  • Nature lovers and birdwatchers, who should not pass on the trips to Gocta Falls, Huiquilla and Pomacochas.

What to buy?


Crafts in Chachapoyas are varied and splendid, from wood carvings to handmade and naturally dyed sheep’s wool clothing. Because of its location, the area teems with beautiful orchids, so people make exquisite orchid arrangements. In Huancas, skilled artisans create excellent pottery.

What to eat?


You can find almost any type of Peruvian food in Chachapoyas, but the most popular is the regional, Creole cuisine, featuring dishes like juanes de yuca (boiled and grated cassava, combined with rice and chicken, then steamed in banana leaves), tamales, and humitas (corn rolls), caldo de gallina (chicken soup) and lomo saltado (stir fried sirloin strips). They serve top quality beef, prepared in different ways and priced quite reasonably. Residents love cuy con maní y papas (Guinea pig with peanuts and potatoes) and purtumute (the area’s most popular food; at its simplest, made only with beans, hominy and cilantro).

Chachapoyas’ emblematic products are licor de leche (sweetened and spiked milk drink) and pan semita (type of bread).

Typical dishes Amazonas

  • Casserole: One of the classic dishes of Chachapoyas in Amazonas is the pot of chicken, beef, lamb or fish. Which is prepared with milk, angel hair pasta or rice, yams, potatoes, corn, squash, vegetables, peas, green beans, carrots, oregano, parsley and green pepper. It is also consumed in Chile and Ecuador; however preparation and some ingredients are different.
  •  Tacachos with jerky: It is a traditional dish in the Peruvian Amazon and much of the Peruvian jungle. It is made from green bananas, bacon, ham or beef jerky. Bananas are usually roasted on the grill, mash is done with them, the shapes of balls, filled with cracklings or bacon. The tacachos served with a slice of ham or beef jerky. If you do not have you can use the grill frying pan. It is a highlight in fat.
  • Juanes cassava: Juanes grated boiled cassava is made with chicken, beef jerky or paiche. He wears yellow cassava, green pepper, garlic, banana leaves or bijao, mirasol chili, eggs, and other ingredients stick more. It is one of the typical dishes of Easter.
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Amazonas Attractions Beyond the City
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Amazonas Festivals
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